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IKV HovmobwI'

Member of

Cold Terror Fleet
Cold Revenge Quadrant
CTF Rogue Squadron

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Maquis Forces International - Klingon Task Force

Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Force
Western Quadrant
Shadow Wolf Sector

The IKV HovmobwI' is a KAG/KAG-IXL, MFI-KTF, and IKEF affliated ship based in NE Texas. Currently, members on board are attached to the Observation Post Lone Star. Some are also members of other various organizations.

Located in the Quinlin/Rockwall area, the IKV HovmobwI' is looking for persons who wish to be active in fandom and community service. Conventions, Away Team Missions, role-playing, costuming, and writing, are just a few of the interests persued.

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IXL Brigadier L. Maj. Aviendha Rhuidean, KAG Cold Terror Fleet
FCapt. Kitiara Rasmehlier, MFI-KTF
MoD Kitiara Rasmehlier, IKEF

Observation Post Lone Star

"Till shade is gone, till water is gone,
into the Shadow with teeth bared,
screaming defiance with the last breath."

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