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History of House Rasmehlier

For purposes of line name explanation, the name, "Rasmehlier", is an older dialect, from the Broken Lands barbarians of ancient Qo'noS. In later periods, they were referred to as the loQs. Occasionally, there is still a throwback which appears, despite all the advances of modern Klingon genetic technology. This would be the equivalent of a Neanderthal being born into modern society of today's Earth. Everybody has seen or even met at least one. The heavy protruding brow, the sloping forehead, the saggital cresting, overly long arms and stunted legs, and the barrel chest. You would say that this man was a barely civilized ape. Most of today's indications of the trait, is the single eyebrow, which covers both eyes, and a definite brutish nature.

At any rate, the translation of the Line name, means "One who strides the bridge, in command.", or roughly shortened to "One who rules the bridge". This is understandable, due to the fact that primitive Klingons were avid sailors, considering there was more water on Qo'noS than Earth, and only one major continent. Even the single major continent, was gapped by a great inland sea. It is much the same, even today. However, the Broken Lands, are still separated from the empire held lands by the gigantic wall, which has been there since before the great Kahless united the klin. At present, the gates are open to allow passage back and forth, and peace rules the continent. However, in times of civil strife, which has been often enough throughout Klingon history, the gates can be shut, and virtually shut off the broken lands from the rest of the empire. The line holdings which borders the Broken Lands side of the great wall, on the North, and controls the passage from the surrounding planetary ocean to the great inland sea, belongs to the House Rasmehlier.

Within the Broken Lands, which covers the northeastern top third of the continent, (approximately 1/6 of the continent), are the families of some 15 lines. The following is a simple list of 15 line names, starting with the Rasmehlier line, which controls the northern gates of the wall.:
1. Rasmehlier, 2. Keaghlar, 3. Brocharris, 4. QornaQ, 5. Qorvazh, 6. DurQec, 7. Vors, 8. Ranme'a, 9. Tor'dis, 10. Ma'IIS, 11. NarglIS, 12. JaruQ, 13. Mahk, 14. Qaaluhr, 15. loQ'traal.........

These line holdings surround a large parcel of land which is claimed by all, but occupied by none. This land is maintained as a hunting reserve for the benefit of all lines of the Broken Lands. A mutual agreement of all the Broken Lands lines, keeps all local civil strife from the reserve area. The only battles between the lines, which are allowed to take place in this area, are the battles of honor, which demand death as payment. This is decided upon by the council of the Broken Lands Line heads, and is fought by a champion from each of the disputing lines. The trail is decided by right of arms, and to the victor goes what in earth's Norse history would be called Danegeld, or weregeld. The losers pay a price set by the council. Therefore, there are no civil wars among the Broken Lands lines.

Now, on with the history.: 

On what would be Star Date: 2/4403.27, during one of the periods of civil peace, when the Great Barrier wall saw free travel from both sides, a son was born to the epetai Dujkar, and his young mate. Now, aj Kagga epetai-Dujkar was in charge of seeing to it that the census of the broken lands was reported to the Emperor, so he and his mate Larriss, journeyed, as soon as possible, east to the capital, to display the new son to the Emperor. It was a matter of honor, that Kagga had managed to develop a personal relationship with the newest Emperor. 

While traveling toward the capital, the convoy was attacked by renegades, who disputed the rights of the new Emperor to rule. Not being able to touch the Emperor directly, the renegades sought to display their displeasure by assassinating the Emperor's closest friends and family and supporters. However, once the brutal butchery of Kagga and Larriss was accomplished, the renegades decided to steal the baby, and sometime later, left him at the doors of one of the many lineless houses which dotted the empire. The only identification left with the babe, was the name Golar. The house masters, not knowing whether it was the babe's name, or the name of the person who left the babe, gave the name to the babe. Golar's history officially began at that point.

There is little except studies and labor for the youth of the lineless houses. Life is a drudge, for a youngster, and the only outlet for the pent up raging energies of a young Klingon, is the floor of the Klin Zha Kinta Arena. Golar joined at the age of 6.
By the age of 9, Golar had gained a fair amount of notoriety, as a fencer in the game of Klin Zha Kinta. Golar had amassed an almost unheard of number of game kills. On his 9th birthday, he celebrated his 36th game kill, against the Lancer of the opposing team.

The game had been played by a well know commander of the broken lands, against an admiral of the Imperial Navy. The admiral had chosen the well-known gold team from house 31, of GrozeQ, while the Commander had picked the green team, of House 57, of Qemar City. The admiral, being ranked as a master of the game, was considerably rankled at the prospect of being beaten by a lowly Commander, but his honor demanded that he take his loss with grace, and offered the commander an additional boon.

Commander, Kurrls sutai-Qaaluhr, immediately asked that the admiral help him acquire the adoption of the young fencer, Golar. This the admiral did, and Kurrls took Golar home to the Broken Lands holdings. 

Golar, now the member of a well-known house, immediately changed his name to Kolar, and became the Commander's son. He started at the warrior academy, and although an grand student, did little to add to the family honor, as a naval officer. Thinking that ground forces might be a better choice, Kolar was transferred to the Marines, and continued his training. Although a successful officer, displaying all the leadership abilities that could be wished for, Kolar again did less than was hoped for to further the family honor and political standing. As a final choice, Kurrls suggested that maybe Kolar was meant to be a scholar. 

Back to school, went Kolar, with his sights set on a number of highly technological studies. Kolar became an exemplary teacher, of both technological and military sciences, but still, it didn't help the Qaaluhr name one iota. It seemed that only warriors had any political favor.

By this time, Kurrls was becoming a rather disgruntled aging warrior, without having realized his political ambitions. He died, still trying to prove his worth, during a raid on a Romulan outpost. Kurrls younger brother, Kaalris, took over the leadership of House Qaaluhr, until another son, also named Kurrls, could come of age. 

Kaalris, who had never liked Kolar, tried to have this blot on the family name assassinated, but Kolar proved to be hard to get rid of. The assassination was unsuccessful. Kolar, who had reached the ripe old age of 49, by which time any respectable Klingon should be dead by one means or another, decided that his destiny lay somewhere besides with the Qaaluhr family. 

Knowing that Kaalris had tried to have him assassinated, Kolar marched into Kaalris's office, and offered him an alternative. Kaalris was more than ready to accept any out that wouldn't show dishonor to the family.

"Uncle, " ventured Kolar. "I know that I have proven to be less than what the family wanted, and to save the family further embarrassment, I would ask an undeserved favor."

"Speak it," returned Kaalris. " I am amenable to anything that will amputate your cancer from this family, before it sucks the life from us all!"

"Simply this," Kolar continued. "I would have a ship, and the wherewithal, to hire a crew, and ask permission to leave the family, and start my own line. This would serve both of us well. If I am successful, I will repay the costs with interest, and will never again claim any connection to House Qaaluhr. I will take over the holding bordering the great barrier wall, and place myself between the Broken Lands and the Empire territory. With luck, there will be another civil war soon, and I will be killed before I can repay your loan. You will of course claim the holding and ship, and all I may possess as repayment, and the family will be greatly enhanced in worth. If I manage to survive and am successful, then you will be repaid with interest, and the family will be greatly enhanced in worth. Either way, you can't lose. and either way, I will be gone from the family."

Without even thinking, Kaalris accepted, and immediately started proceedings to help set Kolar up as requested. Kolar was furnished with an aging battle weary D-32, and with the money managed to hire a minimum crew. His first battles were to subdue any residents of the requested holdings, and set up his house. In this, his attention to his past studies proved beneficial, and he raised his base almost overnight, with little or no opposition. Those residents who had previously held land in the area of question, were more than ready to accept a strong leader. They had been pushed from all sides, almost to extinction. Kolar merely had to explain that he would be responsible for their welfare, and see that they were no longer pushed, and would help them to be able to do some pushing of their own, and they were his.

Immediately, his ship, which he named cholghumwI', (Harbinger), for it warned of a new beginning, was fully staffed. he became a privateer, and trained his crew incessantly, until they knew everything he could teach about battle tactics. They acted without thought or question, as long as his lead proved fruitful, and in a short time he repaid his uncle in full. Even the Emperor heard his name, and the name of the ship, which continued to return prize after prize. 

After three years of successful raids, and a list of prizes and kills that left some of the best Captains envious, Kolar received a summons from Imperial Intelligence, and a proposed mission. Kolar was asked to undertake the capture and return of a renegade admiral, who had convinced a large number of Captains to follow him, in an attempt to usurp the throne. Admiral, KeHaq epetai-Qemar, had amassed a total of 18 ships of varying classes, and had ventured to the border of the Federation neutral zone. From here, he continued to try to persuade others to join him, and would run across the border, at the approach of any fleet, large enough to stand a chance against him. Kolar accepted the mission along with a fat purse for refitting his ship.

For the next 3 months, Kolar closeted with his engineers and his books, and acquired further details on any technological advancements that became known to the Empire. During those three months, the infamous General Chang, aboard a proto type ship, which could fire while under cloak, attacked and was destroyed in orbit around Camp Kitomer, by the equally infamous Federation Captain, James T. Kirk.
The proto type ship was lost, but not the technology that produced her. Kolar and his engineers studied and upgraded the technology, until they managed to produce a system of double shielding, more powerful and efficient engines, and weaponry for the Harbinger. and the ability to fire under cloak. As an additional surprise package, they added another gun turret, under the belly of the ship, between the wings, that although short ranged, could deliver a surprisingly powerful punch, and had a 360-degree firing arc.

On Star Date 2/9503.27, Kolar celebrated his 51st birthday, by ordering his ship out of the dry docks, enroute to find the Qemar Fleet. Unfortunately, it was not the surprise that he had wished for, and he was met by the fleet's advance scouts, two days before he reached the neutral zone. While he fought with the scouts, they managed to get word to the rest of the fleet, and when the Harbinger continued on it's way, leaving three blasted slag heaps floating behind it, it was to find the quarry gone.

Kolar busied himself, destroying the fleet's remote base, in an attempt to draw the fleet back into Klingon space. Thanks to the Harbinger's ability to enter atmosphere and land, the ship's marines had little to do other than clean up stragglers, after the ship made its airborne attack on the base. Ship's disruptors and photons, nearly turned the small planet into a scorched over cinder.

Kolar's plan yielded some success, as several of the ships returned to revenge the death of their base. First one, then three, then nine of the ships, returned to be met by crackling blue blots of killing energy, and photon torpedoes. Most of the ships never saw where the fire came from. Kolar was fighting traitors, and not what would be considered worthy enemies. His main goal was the efficient destruction of a threat to the Emperor's throne.

After three more long months of quiet and patient waiting, the remaining three ships of the Qemar Fleet pulled into Klingon space, to reestablish another base. 
Admiral KeHaq was sure that nothing waited for them, after three months, and received the surprise of his life, when he was hailed from cloak, by Kolar.

"Admiral, your fleet is so much slag and debree, littering the space around your destroyed base. The Emperor wishes to have you returned alive, if possible. I offer you one last option. Rather than butcher your remaining people, like the traitors they have been named, I will allow them to escape, along with the rest of your crew, if you will surrender to me now. As soon as your crew has transported to the other ships, and have departed, and you have locked down weapons, I will allow you to self-destruct, and save some of the honor acquired by you’re past service. Or, if you would rather, I will transport aboard your vessel, and meet you in single combat, with bat'tleh. If you refuse, I will add the smoking remains of you three ships, to the debris which already orbits this planet. Those are your only options. Decide now."

Having no other recourse, the admiral chose to meet Kolar in single combat, but with his other two captains serving as witness. Kolar was to bring two of his own personnel aboard with him, as witness, and the winner take all. Kolar had no reason to accept the terms, but he decided to do just that. Transporting aboard the Qemar Flagship, Kolar was greeted with respect and courtesy. Offered his choice of the weapons displayed on the admiral's honor stand, and met with all ceremony, on the hanger deck. The reasons and challenges and retorts were formally restated, and without further ado the admiral attacked. In short order, both men were slightly blooded, and the admiral having drawn the best, felt sure that he would win. He started what could only be called a ballet of death, intending to end it with his weapon taking Kolar's head. But, at the very last instant, Kolar dropped to the floor, spinning, and drew his blade across the admiral's belly, spilling his entrals over his boots in a mortal wound. To the admiral's credit, his surprised gaze turned from his steaming entrals, back to Kolar, and he saluted. Then the admiral knelt and Kolar took his head.

Satisfying the admiral's last request, the two remaining captains then transported to their own ships, and backed off to a safe distance, before sending their reports to the Emperor, via subspace transmission, and then self destructing their own ships.

Kolar ordered Admiral KaHaq's head to be preserved in salt, and then took the Qemar in tow, and headed for home.

Returning to Qo'noS, Kolar had the Qemar settled in orbit for inspection, and placed the admiral's head in the command chair of the bridge. It was the last honor he could pay a worthy enemy, traitor or not.

As reward, Kolar was given a commission in the Imperial navy, where he served for another year, before attending a meeting with IMF Command, in which he was guaranteed his ship, if he would take the position of fleet level marine commander, with the rank of Colonel, sutai, to help inspire the dwindling IMF forces. Kolar agreed. He continued in this capacity, until star date 2/9808.19, when he was approached with another proposal, from the Emperor's own Klingon Strike Force. His rank and status to be reassigned as seen fit by KSF.

Kolar Rasmehlier
IKV Harbinger,
epetai, House Rasmehlier

House Epitai
Kormac, son of Kolar

T-Gen Khinsharri

General Qolotlh

Col. Kitiara

Col. TaniS


If you are a member of House Rasmehlier, contact Kitiara to be added.